The final residents – Hagiennale2012

Adding one process to the death of a building

"Hagiso" apartment is the house that I and other 6 people shared for studio and residence in the downtown area districts with traditional hoses and buildings in Tokyo.It was built about 50 years ago and used for residence.

7 years ago, some of the student of Tokyo university of Art had contact with owner, then it had been re-constructed its inside. The wall had been ripped, and the floor had been removed. Actually, The process of living was also the process of dismantle. But the time of closing had come. Before dismantle of this house we brought the exhibition to make house to the art work.

“The final residents” is one of the work of this exhibition made from my room. A well is created between the two floors of a two-story building, and birds are kept in the space for a period of time. That will enable the moment when people used to live, the moment when the birds live and the moment of deconstruction to overlap one another. Adding one process to the entire cycle of architecture which is constructed, is used as home and finally deconstructed, so to speak a life cycle of architecture, will help to people to recognize the death of a building.