顧彬彬 / Pinpin Co

顧彬彬 / Pinpin Co

顧彬彬 / Pinpin Co

株式会社HAGI STUDIO  取締役



B.Hangzhou, China 1983
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
2013 Solo show “nude” ; gallery and cafe fu, Yokohama
2012 Performance “描くとは触れるに近く 踊るとは今くり返される呼吸”
with Dance Performer Asuka Itagaki and Akatsuki ; HAGISO, Tokyo
2012 Performance with Dance Performer Asuka Itagaki ; hpgrp gallery, Tokyo
2012 Collaboration with Dance Performer Yukio Suzuki “Head collapse” ; d-soko, Tokyo
2012 Solo Show “More than the Face, More than the WALL” ; BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama
2012 Artist in Residence at BankART Studio NYK (2 months)
2012 Solo Show “spin a tale” ; IOSSELLIANI T-02-IOS / hpgrp gallery, Tokyo
2012 Group Show “REPLAY” ; The 6th 1_WALL Competition Graphic, Gardian Garden, Tokyo
2012 Group Show “sculpture no.0003” ; Hagiennale 2012, Tokyo
2011 Solo Show “Be in a Haze” ; A.P.T Gallery, Tokyo
2010 Direction of Dance Performance “Buto-kai” ; Public Bath “Tukino-Yu”, Tokyo
2009 Performance with Asako Sunaga “may ku” , MAMUSKA6 ; Asahi Art Square, Tokyo
2009 Group Show “A Plan of the City” ; Tokyo Architecture Collection 2009 ; hillside terrace, Tokyo
2006 Installation “LETMAKELOVECITY” ; Tokyo Designer’s week 2006, Tokyo

2012 The Finalist of the 6th 1_WALL Competition, Graphic
2009 Tokyo Architecture Collection 2009
2006 Tokyo Designer’s week 2006 Container Exhibition

2010 MFA (Architecture), Tokyo University of The Arts
2006 BFA (Architecture), Waseda University

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